Rising to a challenge


My dear friend Becky Durham writes a thoughtful blog that often encourages or challenges me. Sometimes, both. Becky is a Presbyterian youth minister who is planning to enter seminary as she continues on her spiritual path. I, on the other hand, gave up organized religion several years ago and have no plans to go back. I do remain committed to spiritual growth, but I choose to explore my path outside the confines of Christian church tradition. 

On her blog today, Becky told of her plans to participate in a Rethink Church photo project for Advent, the period of time leading up to Christmas, beginning on December 1. I followed along as Becky did the same type of project during Lent this year, and I was fascinated at how her thinking and her blogging were sparked by the words she needed to illustrate with her photographs. Because I have been looking to build the habit of blogging more regularly, this feels like the right challenge to join.

You can read more about it here: Becky’s blog.