When you feel sad, anxious or hopeless:

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Why do I feel so bad?

It is natural and normal to feel sad if something terrible has happened in your life recently.  If you are grieving, broken-hearted, or in shock over a negative event, it is okay to feel your emotions rather than denying them. Feeling strong emotions will not kill us. On the contrary, trying not to feel them may do significant harm. There is an old theory that depression is caused by anger turned inward against oneself. I don’t believe that, but I do believe that any negative emotion that is suppressed long enough can lead to depression.

Denying our true feelings is a form of lying to ourselves.  But there also comes a time when we are ready to move forward.
The mood repair kit can help you get started.

But nothing bad has happened to me. I just feel down (or blah, or listless.) Am I just a loser?

Most emphatically, NO! The stresses of modern life can get to anyone, especially people who are always giving to others. The mood repair kit will give you tools you can use right away to feel better, stronger, and more resilient. Download the free kit here.