Wednesday Link-up and Advent photo challenge: “Mercy”


What does a picture of an iPhone have to do with mercy? I thought you would never ask.

I thought again today that I would have a tough time with the #rethinkChristmas challenge word, which is “mercy.” I also needed a Wednesday link-up. I found the answer to both in an unlikely place.

We are an iPhone family. I like to think that they connect us more than they separate us. It all depends on how we use them and how we judge our own thoughts and one another.

I invite you to consider looking through the eyes of mercy when you look at others (and yourself) as Advent winds to a close over the next week. Judging less harshly and with more merciful thoughts might be the best gift you can give to everyone you know.

Yes, it’s a commercial. Yes, it will warm your heart. And it may just make you think.

Apple Misunderstood commercial